Welcome to the home of high-quality fabrics at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for an exciting print or a good quality plain jersey, fleece or knit, we're here to help. Don't let the Kids Print Fabrics name fool you! We are here for bright prints, plain materials and even the odd adult-only textile! Our customers create clothing for themselves and loved ones of all ages. Did you know we have a haberdashery too? This is a one-stop shop for all you need for your next creation. 


Rachel the founder of Kids Print Fabrics modelling a dress she made with animal fabric on the skirt that she is holding out to the right

A mum of four, Rachel founded Kids Print Fabrics to follow her passion. Like many of us, Rachel wanted to use her talent for design and sewing to create incredible, unique clothing for her children. The problem was, high-quality fabrics were really expensive. Affordable fabrics didn't always live up to expectations. So, Rachel set her mind to research. She found a supplier who could provide both quality and affordability. It was time to turn her passion for sewing into a business and help people everywhere to find the materials they needed for their projects. 


These days, Rachel actively seeks out unique designs and loves to see them come to life on the fabric she prints. Sharing her passion for fabric with a likeminded group of people has been the gift that keeps on giving. Over in the KPF sewing chat Facebook group, delighted customers share what they have made from Rachel's fabrics. It's a great place to find inspiration for your next project and see Kids Print Fabrics in action!



If you've arrived on the website looking for something particular for a project, do get in touch! Not only would we love to hear from you, we also understand how important it is to find the right fabric for your design. Let's see if we can make your dream creation a reality.