Create your dream project with custom fabrics printed for you

Do you have a dream project that you’d love to create but haven’t quite found the right fabrics? As creatives, most of us have something that haunts our thoughts. Perhaps it’s a prom dress in unusual colours or with a pattern that suits the prospective wearer’s character. Or maybe you’re visualising an unusual line of towelling changing robes with brightly coloured patterns. Perhaps neutral baby clothes are your bag but you can’t stand all the pastel colours that are the alternative to pinks and blues. Whatever is bugging you, Kids Print Fabrics has the solution.


Pre-order a design you love on the fabric of your choice. Waterproof, warm, cool, absorbent or simply comfortable, we’ve got you covered. The range of designs on offer is truly extraordinary with more than 250 designs on 37 different bases. Still not finding one you love? Don’t worry, we’ll chat about printing your own fabrics later on in this post too! 


Discount code for custom fabrics


Before we go into the range of designs available, I wanted to tell you about our Kids Print Fabrics discount code for new customers. We know that it is a huge leap of faith to use a new online store. After all, you probably have a favourite store that you use. Perhaps they just don’t have exactly what you’re looking for on this occasion. 


So, we’d love to give you a 10% discount off your first order with us. Choose any fabrics you want, add items from our haberdashery if you need them and then enter the code FIRSTTIMEKPF at the checkout for 10% off your Kids Print Fabrics order. 


Pre-Order Fabric Designs 


We have a staggeringly large range of pre-order fabric designs. Over 250 in fact. Each one is a past design that we can print on a fabric of your choice. Our designs tend to follow a theme, with a few different options around that theme. Themes include:

  • Birthdays: Our Happy Birthday fabrics come in either pink, blue or rainbow backgrounds. Each one has a few birthday favourite items on it including balloons, party poppers and cake, of course! If you'd prefer a birthday themed fabric that doesn't say Happy Birthday on it, you are going to love our dinosaur birthday party. With dinos, bunting, presents and palm trees this is a really unique design. For something even more subtle, we have some gorgeous balloons in both pink and blue, with a white background and moons and stars printed on too.
  • Glitter: While we're on the subject of party season, you are inevitably going to want to make something sparkly. We have a range of glittery fabric for pre-order. Pink, purple, green, turquoise and black glitter fabrics will make absolutely stunning outfits. Adults or kids preparing for a celebration will love the idea of showing up in these head-turning fabrics. Why not create a dress, tuxedo or even jumper that will be a real head turner?
  • Christmas: Our selection of festive fabrics is bound to turn heads. Whether you decide to create matching family pyjamas, warm outfits for festive days out or glad rags for a party, we've got the ideal fabric for you. Subtle robin print, cute snowmen and animals, rainbow holly, glittery Christmas trees or striking candy stripes. Browse the collection to find your ideal design for the most magical time of the year.
  • Tartan: Our tartans are always particularly popular in Winter, printed on cosy fabrics for warm, colourful outfits. They are great for blankets, throws and even curtains too if you are looking to add a little Scottish style to a room. Paired with a plain colour, tartan can stand out even more.


Even if none of these ideas inspire you, take a browse through our pre-order designs. We are sure you'll be inspired by one of them and be ready to start work on your ideal project.


Pre-Order Fabric Bases


Don't forget, all our pre-order designs are available on a vast variety of bases. So, whether you're making a floaty summer skirt, cosy fireside leisurewear or gorgeous glad rags, we've got the perfect fabric for you. Here just a few of the bases you can choose from:


  • Cotton elastane jersey
  • Ribbed cotton jersey
  • Organic cotton elastane jersey
  • Cotton elastane French terry
  • 100% cotton French terry
  • Organic cotton French terry
  • Cotton poplin
  • Organic cotton poplin
  • Cotton interlock
  • Canvas
  • Cotton Twill
  • Double Gauze
  • Muslin
  • Bamboo elastane jersey
  • Bamboo French terry
  • Bamboo Muslin
  • Squish
  • Minky
  • Minky stretch
  • PUL
  • Polyester swim
  • Nylon lycra swim
  • Boardshort
  • Athletic
  • Athletic wicking
  • Double brushed polyester
  • Bullet
  • Vinyl textured
  • Rayon chalis
  • Rayon lycra
  • Linen
  • Brushed cotton
  • Microfibre


Simply click on any of our pre-order designs to see the fabric options and place your order.


Print your own fabric designs


Whilst we are confident that we have a pretty vast selection of pre-order designs, we also know that we can't cater for every eventuality. We have always wanted to help customers complete any project they have in mind. That's why we provide haberdashery items alongside our fabrics, so we really do stock everything you need. So, it was time to think outside the box.


In terms of designs though, sometimes the only place you'll find exactly what you're looking for is in your own head. This can be rather frustrating as you search through multiple options that aren't quite right. So, after extensive research, we found a supplier that could print your own designs onto high quality, natural fabrics. Our suppliers use reactive printing onto the highest quality fabrics.


Simply send us your design in the correct format, and we'll do the rest. Do check the delivery times before placing your order, as printing can take a little while. If you're looking for a little more inspiration, why not head over and join our Facebook group? It's a friendly environment where people are free to share their creations and ask for advice. We'd love to see what you make with our gorgeous custom fabrics!

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